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Frequently asked questions

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the main natural compound of the hemp plant or Cannabis Sativa. It has no narcotic or psychotropic effect.

CBD has no psychotropic effects as it is made from the hemp plant with a very low THC content (below 0.2%). The correct selection of the plants allows us to obtain a safe extract without any intoxicating effect.

We use supercritical CO2 extraction.

Thanks to its rich properties, its use in cosmetics has become widespread and popular in recent years. Its antioxidant and moisturising properties, combined with the absence of additives, help to slow down skin ageing and maintain daily skin care. It is also commonly used on dry or sensitive skin thanks to its emollient properties.
In turn, due to its soothing and relaxing properties, many sportsmen and women use it to mitigate the adverse effects that tiredness, the weather or overexposure after so many hours of effort can have on the skin.

Rigorous studies have not shown that CBD has adverse effects.

Yes, of course. It comes only from the plant in its natural origin.

At Pharma TGM we have our own laboratories, where we carry out the process of extracting and obtaining CBD oil in its entirety. We produce a quality, reliable and transparent CBD oil, so that the benefits can be fully exploited by the body.

The use of CBD in Spain and the production of CBD-rich products is legal as long as the product in question is intended for cosmetic use, such as skin or facial care.
The WHO (World Health Organisation) stresses that CBD is not addictive and does not pose a health risk, which is why it is a substance permitted by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), but despite this, in our country it is only permitted for topical use.

As mentioned above, according to Spanish legislation, in Spain it is allowed to be sold exclusively for topical and cutaneous use, that is, only to be applied to the skin. Depending on the benefits required, CBD will be applied at one concentration or another.
However, in other countries with different regulations, such as the United States, Canada and other European countries, other types of uses that are not solely cosmetic may be permitted.

It is best to keep the boat in a dark and cool place, away from sunlight and heat, as both factors are involved in the decomposition of natural cannabinoids such as CBD.

It is recommended to consume it once opened in the next 12 months, since after this period of time opened the properties diminish.

The CBD oil that Pharma TGM produces is with the so-called full spectrum extract, since it has been scientifically proven that there are greater benefits in this and not in the isolated CBD.
The full spectrum extract includes other compounds, such as CBG (also found in the Cannabis Sativa plant), which enrich the oil with other analgesic and antibacterial properties, among others.