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About us


PHARMA TGM is a company focused on innovation to achieve the well-being of people through cosmetics with cannabis extract, a totally natural product without additives.

We are producers of our own oils. We design and produce them in our own laboratories, guaranteeing maximum quality and transparency.

Our mission is to improve people's quality of life through our natural cosmetics. By introducing our oils in your routine, you will feel their soothing, moisturizing and comforting effect to achieve the perfect balance in your daily life.

The basic pillars of our business are honesty, trust, transparency and quality. We believe in what we do and we promote the use of natural products to help and guide us on the path to wellness.



CBD Oil is an increasingly popular product that is becoming more and more widely used by people of all ages. A completely natural way to counteract and diminish the adverse effects that affect our skin on a daily basis.

Athletes, workers and seniors have already incorporated CBD Oil into their routine. The use of this CBD oil after a few hours of exposure to exertion, stress and changing environmental conditions will help your skin stay relaxed, hydrated and properly nourished.


In our production we make sure to take advantage of all the properties offered by the Cannabis Sativa L plant to obtain the maximum benefits. We are the only producers and sellers of CBD in pharmacies, as at PHARMA TGM we have the national code of plant extract,

Being Full Spectrum, our CBD Oil is an oil rich in natural properties from the plant, responsible for providing maximum benefits.

Our extraction method is supercritical CO2, an environmentally friendly technology that is non-toxic and non-flammable. Supercritical CO2 works both as a liquid and as a gas to obtain higher quality extracts. In addition, all the processes we carry out until the final extract is obtained are produced with the utmost respect for the plant and the environment.

We believe in natural remedies to help us maintain our wellbeing and face our daily life without being affected by it. A way to feel happier, healthier and fuller to be always at 100%.